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What's In For You

Being an online fax service provider, we understand that we need to be very fast and efficient in doing this job perfectly for the customer. The market for this, like any other market, is loaded with many numbers of such service providers and there is always a potential competitor for us, trying to take our positions with their enhanced services. But we are very proud to say that we have been successful in not giving up to anybody else and it is solely because of the customers we have with us who have always helped and supported us in all our targets and have constantly backed us up with their wishes and comments. And we also understand that we were able to do this with our quality services that we promise to provide them. We have different plans for all our different customers.

A few might not have too many documents to be sent and this need might arise only once in a while and for such customers, we have plans that cost a very little. We also have customers with regular faxing needs and for such requirements, we charge them a little higher than the other categories. So all our costs are dependent on how much of our service is demanded and expected by our customers. There are also flexi-plans that would serve a customer at times of need and we also have one time online faxing facility wherein the customer pays then and there for the faxes sent and received through the service provider. The cost table varies according to the total memory that a customer agrees to send and if it exceeds we would charge him for every extra GB sent. All these terms and conditions are explicitly given to the customers before they agree to take our services.